[DISCUSSION] Debian on mycloud


I have installed debian on GEN2 mycloud following Fox_exe’s guide.

My post about installing debian without loosing data is here

I wish to meet here fellow debian users and discuss how they have configured their my cloud. I will update details of my setup in this thread.

Currently I have installed minidlna media server, transmission daemon, and ntp. I have configured rsync daemon for data backup over ssh, and I use sshfs to mount mycloud data partition on my laptop.

How to sync time with timeservers

apt-get install ntp nptq -p
the second command will show time-servers used to sync time, if this doesn’t work configure ntp with

How to get rid of busybox

I used Alpinelinux, but can give you some hints.

Setup rsync as daemon i get 30mb/s with it. The ssh perfornance was by 5mb/s.

A nice tool is “aria2” its a http downloader, but supports bit torrent too.
And used the webui [Webui-aria2](google it fuck the forum) with it.

Now I only need a nice webui for youtube-dl. Now i use ssh and screen.



Probably worth a link to that guide if you want to have a discussion with other users…


Thanks for posting,

Aria2 seems good option for http downloads directly in mycloud. For torrent I am actually very happy with transmission, as I can send magnet links directly to transmission-daemon without webgui. I have configured my browser to open magnet links with

How do you start aria2, I mean “–rpc-listen-all” doesn’t sound very secure.


I am slowly adding matters as time permits. Already added links as you suggested. Will add details on configuring minidlna, rsync, transmission etc., soon.


I used encryption, better I must use encryption, because my web server only had https enabled. Then aria2 and webui worked only together with encryption
enabled. You can use a secret token to make it more secure.



I found nice python script “diana”, for use with aria2, which makes it easy to create scripts. https://github.com/baskerville/diana