Discrete IR Commands?

While I’m a newbie, I’d like to thank everyone for a lot of good information on this forum and in the faqs which have been valuable as I have practiced and learned how to use the WD LTV+ over the last couple of weeks.

Now the questions that I have not been able to search or devine…

Does anyone know if the LiveTV+ firmware has “discrete ir power commands” 

The tiny remote only has a “power toggle” but many devices now have a power command that only turns the unit on and another that only turns the unit off… something that is essential when setting up universal remote controls.

The Logitech Harmony database has the WDLTV+ but it’s commands only offer the “power toggle” command.

A related question… does the unit have any additional ir commands such as alphabetic commands for use in searches and logins?

I did deternime that usb hid keyboards work which are essential… the general  faq and the supported devices faq do not mention  keyboards.  Any chance of getting them updated to show this?

Thanks again for the info here and thanks in advance for iadditional ir info.

fwiw, I’ve just finished setting up our media center Logitech Harmony universal remote to include the WDTVLive+ commands and will be happy to help anyone who needs to do the same.

Beverly Howard

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

support link <<

Thanks… will do.

A week of use confirms that these commands would make life a _lot_ easier since the wd unit powers itself down if you need to pause a movie.

In the mean time, the best solution is to disable the harmony power setting  (set “no power button”) and add a button for power button to the netflix “activity”

Beverly Howard


The best place I know of to get answers on remotes and codes and such is here:


I did a search there when I bought my first Live Plus, and had no luck.  I keep checking there however, because someone may offer a clue eventually.  I have an MX-500 programmable remote and that site has helped me program it many times over the years.  You may even want to start your own thread there.

I did a quick search for you, and I could only find one thread that mentions our WD remote:


I’ve been able to translate codes from one brand of remote to another for my MX-500.  I’m not sure if you can with your Harmony.

Another thread in another forum at a different web site seems to have an answer for you, although I think you will need to install customized firmware to get it to work.  It talks about pressing a combination of the ‘power’ and ‘eject’ buttons. 

Custom firmware w/discrete on/off codes

I will experiment with that when I get some time and report back here, as I would also like these discrete codes.

Another clue:

For those reading this who are very geeky (and I mean that affectionately) when it comes to this, the The WDTV Live uses a NEC1 132, 121 signal.

Thanks… will look at what they have.

Another great ir remote resource is the “jp1” forum… for example, http://www.hifi-remote.com/ofa/discrete.shtml which does a good job of describing this obtuse topic we are discussing .

The jp1 hex codes for the wdtvl+ are here  in text file format and may be helpful for those that like to get to the nuts and bolts such as the ir hex codes.  This file, however, only includes the seventeen button commands on the wd oem remote which means that it was generated from the remote without the help of wd.

One frustrating aspect of this need is that the engineers often put these descrete codes in the firmware since they understand their value, but no one in the support side of the company has a clue as to what they are much less where info might be located.


Good one!!

I forgot about that site.  I used it about 8 or 9 years ago to program X-10 codes into my MX-500!

If you look closely at the file, you will see this line:

eject,117,power,00 - power,03

Does the ‘eject’ button also serve as a ‘power’ button somehow?

Also - there is a reference to a ‘sleep’ function.

Clues perhaps?

Does the ‘eject’ button… <<

confusing I know… these jp1 “update” files also include button assignments made by the person who generated the ir captures for their specific universal remote.

In this case, I think it’s referencing how that person assigned the WD codes to his remote’s (a URC-8820) available buttons… i.e. a preprogrammed layout that can be used immediately by someone who downloads it or editable for a different remote or layout.

Expanding on this a bit, two methods that are possibilities to dig for hidden code are;

Look at the ir commands for other devices made by the same mfg… this has been my most successful way to uncover discrete codes.  (haven’t found anything for the wd yet)

Construct codes not used by the oem button sequences using the same protocol…

My brain is fuzzy on this, but when I get time, I will load the software and this and see if I can generate ir output and test it on the device…

It’s been several years, so, I have some relearning to do.

Beverly Howard

http://support.wdc.com/contact/index.asp?lang=en <<

fwiw, wd.s tech support response was not unexpected… they assume that the universal remote mfg would be the place to look for discrete codes.

experience has shown that almost all universal remote codes come from reverse engineering oem remotes’ ir output, and, of course, what’s in the remote doesn’t relate to additional commands that may be programmed into in the device.

Beverly Howard

Ahh - I see that now (from your post 2 posts ago) - Thanks.

Here is a link to all 200+ commands of the NEC1-131-121 protocol.  Perhaps it is another clue.  Unfortunately I cannot find a link to the 132-121 our little buggers use.