Discovery never works, always crashes

Hi, I have my MWE white light and I went to install discovery off the supplied following the prompts and as soon as I ran it it crashed. It has never got any better. I downloaded another (maybe a newer version from the WD website and this was no better. WD support tell me it doesnt matter if it won’t work and I can soldier on without it. Stuffed if I know how to update the firm ware as I believe that is part of Discovery. Any way its never worked and I have other issues with my MBWE. don’t know if there related but it would be nice to get discovery working. Any hints or is more info needed

Thanks John

use RMA

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whats RME

RMA - Return merchandise authorization

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On my computers I had to completely disable the firewall and virus scanner to get Discovery to work.  After Discovery found the drive, I enabled them again.  

On my Vista machine I never did get the Installation software to work and and had to install it manually.

I see that you had to pause your firewall to get Discovery to work.  That’s a common issue if people don’t know that they have to allow Discovery to go outside their firewall - which is for registration purposes.  However, all Discovery does is make connection to the drive’s user interface easier.  You can always access the drive’s user interface by typing either the name of the drive, or the drive’s ip address, by themselves, in the address bar, and hitting enter. 

I’m having similar problem - Discovery software just crashes when I start it up. How do I find out the drive name (sorry - not great with network stuff)?