Disconnection from the internet destroys Twonky settings

Hi there.

I have a share DINDONG and set mediaserving for this share to ON (via the Dashboard )

In that share are 3 folders: Muziek, Foto’s and Video’s.

In Twonky in the Sharing part I’ve set:

/DINDONG not to be scanned

/DINDONG/Muziek to be scanned for Music

/DINDONG/Foto’s to be scanned for Photographs

/DINDONG/Video’s to be scanned for Videos

Now when for some reason my WDMyCloud gets disconnected from the internet (I know this because of the warning mail I receive) the sharing - scanning setting are set to /DINDONG for all sorts of data and the re-scan that has been started isn’t fully executed . I see this in the Twonky status part, the numbers of found Videos, Music and Photo’s aren’t correct.

I’m on the laters version v04.01.03-421.

Is this a bug? Why are my settings destroyed? What’s the use of doing a re-scan just because the internet connection has been lost for some time (even after 60 seconds)?

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Yes, MyCloud restarts destroy Twonky settings.  It’s due to the poor integration of Twonky into MyCloud.

I give some workarounds here:


Ideally, WD would do a better job of integration, but I see no willingness on their part to do this.

It’s also a good question to ask why the MyCloud restarts if internet connection is lost.

If you think the integration of Twonky should be improved, vote for this idea: