I have a WD my passport wireless HD that I have used to stream movies to my children’s iPads. Currently it is having a lot of problems - it will not stay connected (not even for 5min) it pauses and stumbles, it comes up with an error in the my cloud app saying - Error there is not enough storage to download movie. I understand it could be an iPad problem, but we have 3 iPads that are all having the same problem. Can any one advise what I can try?

If the MPW is connected to home network to use in the house, try rebooting the modem, and turn it back on shortly after it is off. Next reboot the router once modem is back on and fully booted. Then turn router back on and once it fully comes on try playing the iPads from the MPW. You should do this anyway, since the iPads connect to the router, too.

Look in the complete user manual for the MPW, read how to reset/restore the System Only of the MPW. You will have to set up the MPW as you did out of the box as you had it before.

These tasks will most likely help.

i tried to get it to connect to home network but it was coming up in my home network but wouldn’t connect. Then when i tried to disconnect it has gone to alternating red flashing lights. I can not turn it off or get it to stop the alternating lights. Been alternating for approx 5 min + so far. I read i should hold in both buttons to reset but this is not working:( has it died?

I do not think it has died, it just did not reset. When you do the reset by holding in the two buttons for about ten seconds the unit must be ON. and battery over half charged at least… so try again.