Disconnecting problems, power button really stiff

I’ve got an WD My Book World Edition II 2TB.

The drive always seems to disconnect especially when I’m trying to transfer data to it, its tempermental and it doesn’t always happen but I’ve found that leaving the drive on 24/7 is no good.

Powering down the drive seems to be quite difficult, when I press the power button and hold it down it doesn’t seem to respond, sometimes it takes a few attempts before the drive actually reacts. I get so frustrated as just pull the plug at times (praying that all my data won’t be lost). Is the power button normally very stiff?

I don’t seem to be getting much help from this forum so I am hoping someone from the WD team can provide me with some answers.

Phoning technical support is abit unproductive as they are only open office hours, not practically when I’m also working office hours and obviously won’t have the drive on me at work.

This is not normal. It will be better if you can try to contact WD tech support, if you cannot use phone support, try email them: