Disconnecting from WD TV

I have a My Cloud v04.00.00-607 firmware and WD TV with v2.02.32.  But this happened with previous firmware versions as well.

Sometime the WD TV will say the WDMC has disconnected, and do I want to connect to something else.  When I go through the steps to connect to the WDMC again, the WD TV goes into an infinite loop trying to connect (the TV screeen flashes light and dark). 

To fix it, I have to reconnect the WD TV to the network.  Then it connects to the WDMC fine.

Wasn’t sure if this belonged more in the WD TV forum.  But since I don’t remember this issue with my previous My Book Live, I thought it might be a WDMC issue.  In any case, I hope the mods will make sure the right techs see this.


I would try with a static IP configuration for both the WD My Cloud and the WDTV in case it’s a resource location negotiation issue.


First of all, this is a TV Live issue, and it was driving me mad until a couple of weeks or so ago, I do wish I could remember exactly how I managed to make it work, but I can’t!  However, I can give you some pointers:

  1. Set a static IP address for both your WDMC and your TV Live

  2. Don’t select “Media Server” as your content source when setting up your media library, use “Network Share”

  3. When setting Network Share, it’s said to be better to use Linux shares (turned off by default in Netword Settings), although I have Windows Shares working fine on the latest firmware. Navigate to your WDMC and log in using the Administrator account, and, very important, make sure you tick the box to remember the password, then navigate down to your media folders, selecting as you wish, although see below for how I organise things…

  4. I have a “Media” share on my WDMC with all my media in it. Rather than navigating to each of  the folders (Music/Photos/Videos) separately, thereby creating three Network Share entries, I just navigate down to the root of the Media share. This means that there is only one .wd_tv library folder in the system and only one Network Share entry, seems to make scanning quicker. I then add each media folder to my home screen (latest firmware) or favourites (earlier firmware).

Wish I could remember now how I got it all to work, but hope the above are of some help to you. PM me if you need any more, and I’ll do my best.

PS On rereading your post it looks like you have the new WDTV rather than the TV Live, I should imagine it’s the same for both though.