Disconnecting from a share

I installed my 2TB unit yesterday.  Successfully discovered and installed on an XP and another PC running Windows 7.

I’ve managed to work my way through most issues.  And I’m waiting for responses from another post re: system tray icon.

But here I’d like to ask for help with disconnecting from a share.  I’ve created a half dozen password-protected private shares.  None of these are mapped as network drives…not yet.

Knowing that I can only “login” to one at a time, how do I “logoff” from a share?

Thanks much.

when you try to map a share (by opening “computer” and selecting “Map Network Drive”) it will use the credentials of whichever use you are currently logged in with…unless you select the "use alternate credentials button.  If you initially map that drive with the appropriate alternate crednetials, you should jump back and forth between shares.

Thanks for the response.

I’m new to this device and so I confused users with shares. My problem was and still does pertain to accessing the MBL unit by entering one user’s credentials and then not being able to “logout” so that I can access the unit again using another user’s credentials. Restarting my machine seems to be the only way to effectively “logoff.”

I searched the FAQs and found a solution that involved the command prompt and the “use net” command.

Isn’t there a simpler way to “login” and “logoff”?

Right-click the mapped share and select DISCONNECT.

Hi TonyPh12345, “Right-click the mapped share and select Disconnect” works if I connect the share by mapping a drive in the first place. However, if I connect the share by directly clicking the share’s name under Network and input userid/ password, it appears that the share cannot be disconnected. And therefore I cannot re-connect another share with a separate MyBookLive user account. Please help.

Why don’t you create a user account that has access to all of the shares you want to use and then connect as that user?  Then you can use any of the shares without logging in as a different user.

To disconnect from a network share you need to use the following command from a command prompt:

net use /delete \server\sharename

Here is a link with more details: