Disconnecting drive

I run three backups each week, on a Monday, Wednesday & Friday.  These run overnight, backing up the data to my MyBook World (White Light) networked drive, and in the morning they should be finished.  However, I more often than not find that the backup has failed due to the MyBook World (White Light) drive disconnecting.  When I look at it in explorer, it has the red ‘x’ next to it.  Sometime, when I click on it, it will access the drive fine and the red ‘x’ goes away.  Other times, this ‘x’ remains and I can’t access it.  I’ve also noticed that it is pretty temperamental when it comes to switching off.  I close down the PC, and then press the on/off switch at the back, which does nothing.

So, anyone any ideas why the drive keeps disconnecting from the network, and why I sometimes can’t get it to switch off?


Dude this is a NAS therefore no need to turn off

Map the drive and check the option to reconnect a log on

The unit will hibernate when necessary