Disconnected MyBook_Live is performing read or write commands to/from the Hard Disk (HDD)

My system: iMac Early 2008, OSX 10.10.5, MyBookLive

The MyBookLive (MBL) is not connecting to the iMac (Connection Failed), although it is connected via the Router and Wireless network - I can see it in the list of items (PC’s, printers, etc.) connected to the iMac when I open a folder. The MBL will not mount to the desk-top. However, although the drive is supposedly not mounted, the green light is flashing indicating that the drive is reading/writing to/from the HD on my computer - OR is it reading/writing to some-else’s computer in Timbuctoo? Is there a way I can determine who is accessing this MBL and/or what it is that is being read or written? I recently uploaded several large movie files and it is possible that the drive is performing some routine maintenance - e.g. Disk or File optimization. Is it possible that the drive is infected with a Virus? Is it ever necessary to Optimize this drive? If so, how would one go about it. The utilities I have, do not see/recognize a network drive. I really don’t understand what my drive is currently reading or writing, since technically it is not mounted to the desk-top (although it does appear in the Finder). THANK for and info you may be able to provide.

Hello there,

Try to reset the unit to see if this helps, press the reset button on top of the Ethernet port for 3 to 5 seconds. Also if you access the devices dashboard it will get the green light, so if the dashboard is open this might be a cause for the green flashing light.

Thanks for your assistance. I don’t know what happened, but the MBL has stabilized and now provides a continuous blue light when not in use. Thanks for the help!