Disconnected (Keychain access error)

I apologize beforehand if my tone is rather negative. This is compounded by the fact that my MacBook, which I bought brand new, has been problematic since the beginning. I have taken it in so many times and the story is different every time. I think there should be a recall.

Here are what I am working with:

MacBook from circa June 2007

Mac  OS 10.4.11 (Tiger)

WD Book 1TB (purchased January 2008 

WD Anywhere Backup version 2.5

So here is my problem.

The backups that I was making of my laptop were “successful” up until out of nowhere I started getting the error message:

“Disconnected (Keychain access error)”

It says the last successful backup was around November 20, 2009 ( I don’t know if that helps figure out what version of the software is responsible.

I have performed keychain first aid to no avail.

I never got this message before…and now it doesn’t let me back up my computer which I think is on it’s way out. I am freaking out at the thought of losing all of my data. I have also scoured message boards and cannot find anything on  this.

: (

Any help would be appreciated.