Disconnect when connecting to large database in windows media player

Greetings all,

I have a large database of music, 25,000+ songs, I have exported this through WMP and I am having issues.  If I export a few songs, there is no issue, but when I make the entire library available, the WDTV Live seems to time out before it recieves the database.  I believe this is due to poor database management on the Windows side, it is unable to generate and send the response to the WDTV box in time.  Has anyone had this issue and/or found a soulution?  I am going to try to find the size of the database that causes this issue.  I am not experienced with media servers, if I would be better off with another, suggestions are welcome.



I’m a bit confuse by this, you are exporting your music, physically, to the device, or are you trying to use the Play to option?