Disc Recognized but Invalid Password No access to the Drive

I have been using My Passport Essential on my Laptop and everything was running fine and I was not having any issue with it by now but then I don’t know what has went wrong with it and My Passport Essential is not recognizing the password that I was using for unlocking WD Smartware, instead an Incorrect/Invalid message shows up.

Before all these happens I left the laptop on Sleep mode, after it I unplugged the WD Smartware Disc because I had to leave the office, At home and after rebooting my laptop I did  not work back again.   I am totally sure that the password is right, even when I press the HINT button and type the same password and does not work either, and after 3 attempts a message of formatting it appears.   So I just wanted to know if there is a way by which I can reset the password or access the Disc? 

Hi, have you tried unlocking the Passport from another PC? You can also try using another USB cable to connect the Passport.