Disc on desktop but not in disc utility


I got a brand new MyBook 2TB disc.

I got ut out of the box, plugged it in the computer to see it working. All good.

After that i plugged it in my router, to share it wireless, but there i couldnt find it.

So i disconnencted it from the router and now the problems begins.

I connected it to the computer, and i can see the icon on the desktop and open the folder. The files in there is 0kb, but 1,96TB of the disc is used.

I can´t see in the disc utility.

I have unmounted the disc the right way all the times.

Anyone got a clue whats wrong, or is the disc broken?

Regards, Fredrik

Which disc are you referring to?

The virtual CD that comes on the my book’s with smartware?

Or is it the physical setup disc that comes with the my book studio edition?

Please state the model number of the my book.