Disc 1 Bad on Mycloud mirror

Hello,hope someone can help.

After returning from holiday i found that there was a red light on my Mycloud mirror for disc 1.
Whilst we were away there had been some work done in our house which required the workmen to switch the power to the mains for the house on and off.

I went into the management system and there was a message on the storage tab saying

RAID Profile
|RAID Health|Degraded|
One or more RAID volumes are degraded.

Volume_1 RAID 1 2.94 TB Degraded

I checked on the various help pages and found a suggestion to rebuild the effected disc.

Firstly i did an auto Re-build which reached 28%,then up to 53%.

I left it for some hours and came back.

All lights were now blue but was unable to access the management so i did a power re set which allowed me to access the the management but now it said the rebuild was still underway but was 41% !

in the end i re booted the power and did a manual re build only to get a message that said disc one was “Bad”.

So what do i do next?

Thanks in anticipation

need to replace the disk when you get a degraded message.

you can then play around with the bad disk later – IE reformat and re-check all sectors and the SMART data and then see if the old disk is usable

the LAST think you want is a second disk to fail on a re-build

and re-build makes the unit hot so please aim a fan at WD systems on a rebuild.

Hello Cordob
Many thanks for the reply.
i have managed to access the SMART data for disc 1,i powered of the NAS,powered back up and was able to grab some screen shots.

I had sort of come to the conclusion that a new disc would be required but TBH the whole unit has been temperamental over the years.

When you say a second disc to fail on a re build do you mean disc 2 which is currently ok?

A lot of activity takes place doing a re-build ie the system is put under higher stress and heat.

and depending on the amount of storage it may take days to finish

Hello Cordob.
Once again many thanks for the reply.

I have received a new disc 1 to replace the faulty one.

Do you have any tips,apart from the use of the fan as its come literally from WD with nothing and so as far as i can see its a matter of replacing the disc and doing the re build.

Is it better to have the setting to auto or manual when i do this?

it get hot here and we have old 12 volt DC computer fans people throw away because of noise that still work

they work well placing on top or by the side of NAS units. The WD Mybook come with a 12 volt power supply that works to power them

A small UPS system to prevent quick power drop out is good to have.

There is always a trade off between cooling and noise but during rebuild and OS5 indexing - I’ll take more noise for a few hours.

good luck on the update.

unable to read Hard Dives from my MYCloud

I also got a red light when trying to switch to a new local network, neither hard drives can now be read,

Is there any way and or support from WD to recover the Data that was on the, I end up buying the newer My Cloud EX Ultra so this is not emergency or urgent,

Does WD offer for a fee the recovery of data from the old drives at a reasonable price

Good morning
I had similar problems.
Initially, my disk # 1 showed a red light and a message:
RAID profile
| RAID Status | Degraded |
One or more RAID volumes are degraded.
I decided that I changed it asap, bought a new one, changed the drive and that’s it. At first, Mycloud only showed me disk 2 and all data (both disks worked in RAID1).

I dismantled HDD # 2 and was just a new one. Then I change it to JOBD (for test only). Mycloud sees a blank new hard drive.

Now the situation is bad, because when I mount an old, functional HDD, I can’t see anything, and the system shows me a bad condition.

Please help me.