Disaster with mybook 2x1 TB

Hi everybody, let’s see if you can get me out of this trouble,

I had a western digital mybook which I replaced the original drives (500GB) with 1 TB new drives, everything was working ok till the enclosure died (adapter powers on but it is not recognized by pc).

I had a strange setup which I don’t remember what I did exactly to get it running but at the end I had no RAID 0 nor RAID 1 but two separate drives, every drive was independent.

After the box died I took the drives to my PC but they are recognized as RAW and no recovery data program so far is able to do anything for them.

What do you think it happened?

Will I be able to recover my data if I get a new my book and put these disks in it ?

Any ideas on how to recover the data without getting a new mybook?

Thanks for the help


If you were running RAID 0, then you have most likely lost your data.  You would need to go to a data recovery company to see if they can pull the data.  If you stick the drives in another RAID enclosure, and they build, you will further destroy the data you had on them.