Disappointing Website

I am really disappointed in the WD Website.  Not only is there a lack of information, but conflicting information in multiple places.  For example when looking at the specs on a 3GB/s drive, the PDF link does not reflect the actual specs.

Also there is a lack of consistency, where some specs on the website list Buffer to Host transfer while others list Buffer to Disk.  The PDF Specs call it Host to Disk with the same values as Buffer to Disk.  It is very confusing.  While it makes sense that the the max sustained transfer from Host to Disk will be limited to the Buffer to Disk if Buffer to Disk is slower, this is not immediately intuitive.

Why not include all the specs in the PDF Specifications?  I don’t even see any latency read/write etc… specs that used to be included way back when…

I can understand the website listing a smaller subset of marketing specs, but there is no reason for the PDF to not list all of the specs.  What has happened to the great Western Digital I once loved so long ago.

You can try calling or sending an email to tech support to verify the specs.

Wd a long-time leader in hard drive technology designs and manufactures the #1 selling internal and external hard drives and award-winning media players a department of the government of canada,