Disappointed with WD and non-Raid disks

I am a home user who wants to build a 5-disk RAID 5 array using 2TB drives. This is to store media only. A few weeks ago I bought 2 WD20EARS drives on top of one I already had in my PC with the intention of getting 2 more and a Raid controller. Then I read all this stuff about TLER and how EARS drives are no good for RAID. Well, that is just super!  I sold those 2 drives, still sealed. EADS drives are an option but only if you find the right dated drive and enable TLER yourself. The third option is the RAID drives WD sells but for an extra $300 a drive, that is nuts, especially for a home user.

So what is one suppose to do?? None of WD’s home drives are RAID friendly. That means it Hitachi or Samsung for me. Thanks WD!  :-(