Disappearing WDMyCloudMirror iTunes Shared Library

I am finding that my WDMyCloudMirror iTunes library stays visible from within iTunes for only a few hours then disappears as an option from the iTunes source dropdown. I’ve enabled SSH on the WDMyCloudMirror and have verified that the two mt-daapd processed remain running without stopping. If I stop and restart the iTunes Server from the cloud dashboard the library immediately reappears as an option in iTunes. The DLNA media server consistently works fine from multiple devices without intervention.

Are there any diagnostics I can run or logs I can scan to help determine what the problem is? Any options I can add to mt-daapd startup to enable logging?

Here is my current configuration:

  • WD MyCloudMirror 16TB, firmware version 2.21.119
    Advanced Options: Password = off, Auto Refresh = 1 Hour.

  • Windows 10 (problem is visible from all three windows devices on the network).
    iTunes version

For testing, my music library is limited to 2 albums with 17 total tracks. At initial startup of iTunes Server, all tracks are playable from iTunes on Windows desktops and laptops.

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Is this happening with older versions of iTunes?

I haven’t tried any older versions yet, but should be able to over the weekend. I did find another post with what sounds like the same problem: Itunes Server on My Cloud Mirror Disappears

That poster had an earlier firmware version and two client machines running iTunes and No solution for that post.

I might try an iTunes 11.x version to see if there is any impact.

Sorry for the delay in responding.

I’ve verified that the same thing occurs with a Windows 10 machine running iTunes The shared library appears for for less than an hour, then just goes away.

I’ve also found that if I click the iTunes database “Refresh” button in the MyCloud console that the library immediately reappears for both the current iTunes client and the old version.