Disappearing thumbnails with My Cloud

I have My Cloud connected to the net.

I can view thumbnails files from folder inside MY Cloud when I am using computer with Windows 7 

When I a m using computer with VISTA the thumbnails load up, but then disappear showing only the windows default ‘Island’ picture. If I copy an affected folder direct to my desktop the thumbnails are fine

I can not see thumbnails, but when I will press f5 ( refresh)  I can see them but after one second they disappearing again 

Where is the reason ?

crazyMod wrote:The reason is crappy firmware.

Oh, that’s rich – blame a Vista issue on the drive.  The drive has nothing to do with Vista thumbnails…



OK but in spec of WD My Cloud Disc I can read that it should be compatibile.

Do you know what is solution ??

Because I tried many things with no results.

Doesn’t matter is it fail of disc or fail of Vista. It should work togheter when I can read in Manual of WD MY CLOUD  that it should