Disappearing Data

Kind of a weird thing happened during initial install of MyCloud. All preliminary things such as install, register, setting up users and preferences. I made sure that all was working properly as far as accessing from desktop,web,user view prior to uploading any data. I then started loading up. I was well along with the loading and had created about 5 other folders and uploaded about 1.5 tbytes. Then, flipping the switch on public the system just sat there spinning, working. Which didnt seem uncommon being it sometimes takes a little time even with a fast system. Well this time it timed out. Which was odd. I refreshed the page and it had lost connection.
Tried to access drive through desktop and it couldn’t find the drive nor could i see it from explorer.Finally after a couple of restarts i finally got it back up. All the folders I had created and the WDSync folder were gone. The others were empty. Tried the rest of the night to locate or get into it but could not. The main home page indicated data in the drive but that was the only place. It wouldnt let le install a recovery sync folder through the program but still warned that my sync folder in the drive was gone. Finally after getting in did let me create another syn folder. The home screen still indicates the data in there but the rest seems to be functioning fine. How do I retrieve the stuff and folders in the drive? Tried just about everything.

Wat does “flipping the switch on public” actually mean? What is “public”? The default Public Share? Or the Public Access setting for a Share via the My Cloud Dashboard > Shares page?

If you access the My Cloud Dashboard > General page what does the Capacity field show? Does it indicate a smaller free size to account for the data you are missing? If you access the Dashboard > Shares page you can click on each Share to see its size, is there one Share that is larger and would contain the missing data?

Yes I was moving the public switch on and off as needed for access to different folders. While accessing the My Cloud Dashboard the Capacity indicator indicated the files that I had already uploaded. And when I entered the Dashboard Shares page clicking on each share they indicated empty. All items everywhere other than the My Cloud Dashboard General page indicate no files and empty. Including if all are shared and you access from the user desktop icon. That was the weird part I was referring to. You can even still see the breakdown of file types on the capacity indicator… Everywhere else shows zero

More information is needed.
What is the firmware version of the My Cloud?
How where the files/data copied to the My Cloud? Using what program or application? Were you using WD Sync?
Where was the data copied or uploaded to? A specific folder you created within a Share? To the main Public Share? Does the folder or Share where the files were copied or uploaded to contain any special characters (like a period)?
Have you tried using a program like WinSCP to access the My Cloud via SSH to see if the missing files/data can be viewed in the Share’s? For example the user Shares on a v4.x firmware version My Cloud is located (when using SSH) at the following location: /DataVolume/shares