Disabling WD File Management Engine (WDFME.EXE)

If I look to services cp I see this svc + WD Shadow File Management Engine are setup to automatic start.

The worst thing on it too often consumes too much of CPU resources.

So what happens if I disable it ?

Do I lack some external drive functionality?

This svc really irritates me with highc CPU usage.

What 's so important it’s doing eating 50% of CPU power?


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Did you install the Smartware? It can be a resource hog especially on startup.


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Yes I do have SmartWare installed, but that’s silly on it that I don’'t need neither use any features of it.

Only  thing of WD I need is the status bar icon background monitoring SMART status and temperature, but as I experienceed the status icon doesnot  work if wdfme service is not started :frowning:

I 'm not against complete uninstalling smartware but afraid the temperature monitoring won’t run which is crucial for me as my myBook drive suffers with unexpectedly high operational temperatures.

Hmm… I just found I have this issue as well. I don’t use any of the features of this software, so have opted for a complete uninstall. 

I do use the encrypted drive / password functionality, but what I’ve done is just created a shortcut from my quicklaunch bar to the W:\unlock.exe program (where W:\ is the drive letter assigned to virtual CD drive that comes with this external drive. 

That way I plug it in, click on that shortcut, and unlock my drive, without needing all the other software ■■■■.

I have recently bought a My Passport with smartware and I am having all sort of issues.

To check if they are due to the WD My Passport I disconnected the drive and  unchecked WDDMStatus.exe in Startup.

Still  in Services WDDMService ans WD File Management Engine are running.

And I am getting error messages in my Windows log.

I would love to work  with smartware for some files that I like to keep up to date constantly and also would like to use the password protection but  all those services running when not needed really disgust me

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