Disabling red light after 95% usage

I have an ex4 with 4x2T disks, in raid5.
If i pass 95% of disk occupation, i have a warning and a fixed red light.
While i understand that this is a useful feature, is there a way to turn off the led?
I mean , i have still some 200 giga, i’m not exactly ending the space anytime soon.


It is possible via SSH. However, such proceedings are not warranted or supported by Western Digital.

I’m leaning towards it being warranted. I’m using mine for a media center. I will not be adding any additional files to this. I now have a red light that means nothing too me. If some other problem occurs I will not be signaled by this light going on. It would be nice if you enable us to disable this alert or give people like me who could use SSH the instructions with warning about how to do it.