Disabling or stopping WDLockedFiles from accessing the floppy drive?

My apologies if this is a solved problem, I’ve attempted to search the knowledgebase and the board but found that finding things related to the term “drive” was not terribly efficient and couldn’t find mention of WDLockedFiles.exe at all. Did learn that I need to make sure Smartware is actually backing up my .pst files though. That certainly brought a dumbfound expression to my face since email is the primary thing I expect to be backed up.

In short, my problem is that for reasons unbeknownst to me, every 20-30 seconds process WDLockedFiles.exe fires up and accesses my floppy drive. And when I say that the reasons are unbeknownst to me, I mean it, it’s been more than a year since I used that apparatus. When it does this, everything on the computer hangs momentarily, which is a greatly annoying thing to have happen every 20 or 30 seconds.

I thought the previous processor and memory hogging issues before 1.6 were bad but they were far more tolerable than this. If anyone knows the corrective action I can take I’ll be much obliged.



Uninstall the smartware version that you have and do a clean installation of the latest version.

Did that last night as instructed, system showed two copies of SmartWare loaded and the updater, I removed all three and reloaded 1.6. At first things seemed fine and it performed a partial backup, missing the mail file as usual. As of this morning the floppy drive is going nuts once again. No floppy disks have been in use since its installation.

New ideas?

I have this same problem. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.