Disabled "Set Up Drive" button on My Passport Essential


I have a My  Passport Essential that I have been using for my Time Machine Backups. I am trying to access the security tab to change the password on the drive and strangely enough I noticed that I can’t access any of the drive settings as the “Set Up Drive” button is disabled for me. Any clue as to what might be the cause for this?

Thank you in advance.


If the drive is locked it will not allow you to get to the drive settings, power cycle and unlock the drive. Once the drive is unlocked and mounted on the Mac you’ll be able to access setup to change password.

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Hi Thank you for a quick reply. The drive is unlocked and I can access the contents from the drive as well as from Time Machine itself. What else might be a problem here?


Hi Wizer

I went with your solution and restared my Mac. After a restart and mounting, I am able to access the Drive Settings now. I am not really sure why a working drive wouldn’t show me the settings until the reboot, but this works for me for now :-). Thank you for your help.


I’m glad it worked :smileyvery-happy: