Disabled Cloud service automatically re-enables when using one of the apps


  I’ve noticed that even though I disable the Cloud Access (Settings-> Cloud Service = OFF) and before that delete all registered devices for apps once you connect using one of the WD My Cloud apps it will automatically re-enable the Cloud Access on the WebGUI management interface.

 I think this should not happen and doesn’t make any sense. If I as an admin disable the cloud access on the management interface (WebGUI) it should stay disabled and not automatically be re-enable when a device/app accesses the NAS.

Reply from WD Support was “the WD My Cloud app would in fact automatically enable the Cloud Service because it has been designed to access the device only through that service. This is a default setting on the app and unfortunately cannot be changed within the settings.”

Has anyone encountered this and perhaps a fix for it?


Hi there, welcome to the community.

For the WD My Cloud application to be able to connect mobile devices needs to habe the Remote access “on” in the dashboard. I can’t test it right now to see if in my EX 2 happens the same, but I will try tonight and let you know.