Disable automatic backup?

I am not a technical expert so please bear with me. Can someone help please?

I have a My Book World edition 1Tb, a 6 year old dell desktop 32 bit. I purchased the 'my book" a couple of years ago and used it to automatically back up data on the desktop. I had XP -SP3. Unfortunately it reduced the speed of my PC but I stayed with it.
I have now upgraded to Win 7 pro. The my book doesn’t work and I can see from other posts that there is a download I can use. The only problem I am thinking of before I install this is that currently, due to the update in my windows system the pc is slower and will not cope with automatic backup. Is it possible to not set up automatic back up. I.e. at the end of each month connect the my book to my pc and backup my photos documents etc and then disconnect , in other words refresh the backup data manually myself at the end of each month?

Yup you can do that. Install smart ware than start the back up, after 24 hours stop the back up. Connect again after a month, however it will back up files that are inside the computer w/n that day.

I suggest you use the windows backup and set the schedule you want windows to back up your computer.

Hello Mate,

Smartware is a continuous backup software, you might need to try another software like Windows Backup. Is better than been disconnecting the drive on a regular basis.