Disable audio passthrough for HDMI

So I’ve been looking into this. Is it possible to disable audio on HDMI cable?

Can’t seem to find an option to that on the wdtv live box!

Page 174

Digital Pass Through via Optical Only (S/PDIF)

Select this option if you are using HDMI for video and a S/PDIF (optical) connection

to output multichannel surround sound to a receiver and do not want audio output

from HDMI.

You sir are a good user manual reader lol! But anyways it is not quite exactly what I’m trying to do.

Well thing is I’m using this little box with a good-old CRT monster; first had been using it with RCA jacks, now decided to upgrade a little using HDMI for video via a $50~ HDMI->S-VIDEO converter. Can’t say it didn’t improve picture quality, in fact it did so by a substantial margin. But the problem is that this little 50$ piece of **bleep** has a real **bleep** audio decoder, so decided to just **bleep** and use HDMI for video and RCA for audio from the not-so-good-but-acceptable DAC inside the wdtv live box (cause quite honestly, analog audio rocks!). And no need to tell me to buy a dedicated receiver because that would be waste of money (CRT TVs usually have pretty good sound for watching movies etc). So bottomline is, I’m not using optical and whenever I select this option, it will cancel out audio for all other connections, including the one currently in use which is analog. But it’s not a big deal anyway. Just wanted to make sure. Thanks!