DirecTV connection speed

DirecTV customer support says my WD Livewire modems do not have enough speed to download and view their On-Demand movies. My Livewire Utility says I have a 194 MBPS connection speed. Isn’t that enough for downloading even HD movies?

Thanks for your help.


Considering that Netflix HD streaming only requires a 6Mbps internet connection (mine is 8Mbps), I think 194Mbps should be sufficient to pipe On-Demand to a media streamer.  ;)

Just watched an HD anime episode streamed over Livewire, so it works fine (for Netflix at least) and my Livewire connection is nowhere near 194Mbps (mine fluctuates between 80-140Mbps).

How fast is your internet connection btw?

I have DSL internet service. Just checked its speed at Download is 3.17 mbps. I’m paying AT&T for a 6 mbps connection, have never seen that speed, although it sometimes it is faster than 3.17.

Also, I have Netflix HD and it works fine.  It’s connected to my DSL modem from via Playstation wireless to a wireless router in a separate room.

I’m thinking the problem with seeing DirecTV On-Demand movies is with my setup at DirecTV.