DirectTV DVR Hard Drive scavanged

I scavanged a 500 GB HDD from a DirectTV DVR. There was nothing wrong with the DVR. I just don’t have DirectTV anymore. When I connect the driver to my PC, the drive is not recognized. Can anyone help?

Did you repartition it and reformat it to NTFS?  Not all enclosures will be recognized even if you did…

I can’t partition it. The system doesn’t see the drive at all. I’ve tried connecting it as an internal drive and I’ve tried connecting it with an external USB cable. I have a WD 180 GB HDD that is recognized when connected externally but the 500 GB HDD is not recognized.

I thought it might be a firmware issue but it seems to me that the desktop should at least see that the device is connected.

The DVR was working fine the last time it was used. It’s just been sitting since we got rid of DirectTV.

Try over at the Tivo Community