Directory Structure

I am new to this. I just went through the manual page by page and I can’t find information on the directory structure for the WD TV Live Hub 1TB Media Center.   What I want to know is WHERE do I create new folders for various catagories of videos?  I need to know WHERE in the directory structure below do I insert the various video folders??  EX of folders would be:  Independent Movies…    Musicals…  Classic Movies…etc     Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Can’t see your picture yet (quicker if you post it on another site and link to it), but the short answer is that you can have any directory structure you like. Most people have major directories in the root of the HUB such as “Music”, “Movies” etc, and then genre stuff inside of those. 

A typical setup for movies might look something like this

Root \ Movies

-----------> Action

------------------> Action Movie 1

------------------> Action Movie 2

------------------> Action Movie 3

-----------> Comedy

------------------> Comedy Movie 1

------------------> Comedy Movie 2

------------------> Comedy Movie 3

You could do the same thing with TV shows, and if you like music.

Structure is up to you, but a good one will make life a lot easier in the long run, especially if you decide to use a theme that has movie sheets


Thank you for your help…  Being very new I have one more question.

When you list 

Action Movie 1  

Action Movie 2      

are these folders or the actual movies… ? 

Do I need to have a folder for each movie or can I have multiple movies in the Action Movies directory?


Most of us would reccomend that you do not put each movies in it’s own folder, so the “Action” folder would contain the actuall movies. This will make it so when you open the Action Folder, you will see all the Action movies without then having to manouver into each folder to get to the movie you want. 

So yes, in my example “Action Movie 1” would be something like “Die.Hard.(1988).mkv”

Good Luck


You are smart to choose a structure right away.  The way you want your stuff to display should be your guide.

I agree with the layout above, but I choose to put my movies into folders and thought I would give you a few examples of why someone might decide to go that rout.

1)  (movie folder) Die Hard (1988) 1080p 3D / (movie) Die Hard (1988).mkv

Note: You can name the folder to show extra info.

  1. (movie groups folder)  Die Hard Episodes / Die Hard (1988) 1080p 3D / Die Hard (1988).mkv

                                                                        / Live Free Die Hard 720p AC3 / Live Free Die Hard 720p.mp4

                                        Elvis Movies /

                                        TV series /

                                        Kids Movies /

                                        Documentaries /

                                        Family Videos /

The Good:  Faster folder browsing

The Down Side:  Extra work!  I put folder art into each folder named “folder.jpg”  (without the quotes)

I like IMDB for a good source of movie art.  You can also copy & paste the movie.medathumb, then rename it to folder.jpg

Just wanted to give another option to consider, but as stated above it’s up to you.

Have fun, Dan

Still I find it easier to have



        Batman Returns.avi


      Die Hard Collection (Inside the Action folder)

        Die Hard 1.avi

        Die Hard 2.avi

        Die Hard 3.avi

With the right theme you still will see a movie sheet/linksheet for each as well as a cover art file. With the use of Thumgen, why bother adding a lot of other info to a folder name, which may bog the system down at some point.

Just sayin’ - not being critical :slight_smile:

The reason for my post was to show another way of looking at it.

Yes, I also pointed out, it is more work, the way I choose to do it.

I used to use thumbgen back when I was still running a gen 1 WD.  Also, hacked firmware.

I found that WD changes their formatting, from time to time and running a stock system seems to be safer. IMHO

As for   “With the use of Thumgen, why bother adding a lot of other info to a folder name, which may bog the system down at some point.”

 I find using series/episode type folders makes browsing much quicker (folder view mode) especially with very large amount of videos.

Note: I keep a movie name.jpg with an appended _drive number (Die Hard_01) for each movie, in a folder I call Movie List (date)  This works great with a tablet, Pc, laptop, or even the WD (in photo mode)  Very fast and you can just browse the file names or load the .jpg for a closer look.  I try to use yhe .metathumb files and rename to .jpg or the art from IMDB works well, but only shows  the folder art.  The .metathumb shows movie info as well.

So, there are more then one way to do it, just choose the one that appeals to you or make your own way…