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Hello guys,

I just purchased the Live Hub and so far love it. Can someone point me in the right direction. I have a collection of movies, mp3’s and photos and would like to know what the recommended directory structure is for storing data on the internal drive. Also, how do I accomplish getting art work to be visible when browsing the directory?

Thanks in advance!

It really depends on how YOU want your file structure.  You just want it in a way that you can find what you want easily.

SInce the HUB already sorts Movies, Music and Photos for you (ie: if you select Videos from the main menu, only your videos will show up, same with Music & Photos), you really don’t have to worry about that.  The only thing you have to do is to have your movies either in folders so you can find them easily, although you don’t have to.

The way I have mine structured is I have folders named Movies, TV Shows,  Music & Photos.  In Movies I have folder named Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, etc., this just makes it easier to find what I’m looking for.  In TV shows, I have folders named for each show, then folders for each season.  And for Music, each artist has its on folder, then a folder for each album.  Photos are just lumped all together.

Not really sure which art work you are referring, but if its for Movies, you just select option, get content info when you have the file up on the HUB, this will get both the coverart & backgrounds.  For folders, you have to put folder icon in that folder named “folder.jpg” or “folder.png”.

using one of the custom themes you can find around here helps as well, especially with movies/tv series.  the original theme wants to display every epsidoe of every show in gallery view, while the custom themes seem to allow for you to still have folders viewable in gallery view.  that was my main **bleep** and the Anodized theme solved it. 

Thanks guys! You both answered my questions.

Newbie here…

How/Where do you download the alternative skins from ?

Where do you put them on the HDD ?

How do you access/upgrade to this new “custom” skin ?


You can get the Anodized Theme HERE.

OsdMod Hub 1.0 Theme HERE.

If you download them, you have to unzip them then place the files in the .wd_tv / Theme folder on the internal HDD.

You can also get the Anodized Theme & Legacy Theme by going to Setup on your HUB, then select “Appearance”, then select “User Interface Themes”.  Then select the content source, press the red button on the remote, then at the top of the screen it should say “Online database”.  Go to the theme you want, press OK on the remote, then select Apply Theme and the theme will download.

To change back, just go back to the “User Interface Themes” then press the red button again (it should say Internal Storage at the top), then you can apply your themes.

TinWarble -

I recently reformatted.  I know the dirs that start with the . are ‘hidden’ but I’ve set up the viewer (file explorer) in XP to show the hidden files and directories.  So I see the .wd_tv dir, but there’s no “Themes” dir under it???  I created a Themes dir an unzipped the file to that dir, but that did not make the Theme show up as available when I went to change the theme.

Humble request for your thoughts on where I went wrong?



For clarity the directory .wd_tv/Theme (no s) exists on my device.

Ok, this probably doesn’t make a difference, but it should be “theme” (lower case t), although I don’t think it matters, but I could be wrong.

So did you extract the themes in their exact folder structure.  Such as, the Anodized theme should be in a folder named “Anodized 3.24.05 XL”.

If that is correct, then make sure that when you to “User Interface Themes” it does NOT say “Online database” at the top of the screen.  It should say “Internal Storage” at the top.

If that’s correct, then try cycling the power and if that does nothing, then try upluging the power cord then pluging it back in.

Thanks Tin!!!

Will go try this afternoon.



When i select options and get content info I’m only able to retrieve info from movies stored on the local WD Live hub drive. I cannot do the same for data stored on my USB drive attach directly to my router. Anyway around this other than connecting the USB drive directly to the WD Live Hub?

you can connect the drive to your computer and share the drive.

The drive is shared. I can play movies etc. The problem is with veiwing the content info of any movie stored on the shared drive.

I figured it out now. I’m good, thanks.

Can you post what you did ?  Thx.


I figured it out now. I’m good.

Sure I should have done that, sorry.

The problem was related to the naming of each movie file. When I renamed each movie file to reflect only the movie name I was able to view “Content Info” without a problem.

Thanks all for your assistance.