Directory question

I just set up the WDTV hub yesterday.  I have searched this board but haven’t found the answer yet. I have created 6 new directories on my mapped “WDTVLivehub” drive on my computer.  Windows explorer shows all the directories.  On my tv with wdtv connected I access internal storage/files/WDTVLive hub.  I press OK and the only folder that appears is “Sample Media”.  Am I missing something?  I turned the media hub off and on to be sure that it scanned the new directories.  Also is there any way to get a simple folder/file view like windows explorer.  Thank you.

Is there any content in the new folders? How are you exploring from the TV/OSD (i.e. from the Videos Menu, the files menu of the music menu)

Typically the hub will only show relevant folders. So, the navigate from the VIDEOS button it will only show you folders that have videos in them. If the folders are empty or have something like mp3 files in it, you will only see it from the music menu.

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Thank you very much.  As you say, the directories must contain content.  I was trying to view empty directories.  As soon as files were entered, the directories appeared.  Again, thank you.