Directory does not appear when networking to the WD TV

I have a WD TV, it has a USB hard drive attached. 

When I search by directory using the WD TV all the directories appear in the list.

When I access the WD TV from my Mac, and list all the directories, one is missing.

The files in this directory play correctly when accessed from the WD.

I have rebooted the Mac, but no change.

Can anyone help with this rather strange situation?

At some time I will shut down the WD TV and connect the USB drive directly to my Mac. Any thoughts on why the directory is missing before I do this.

Thanks for your help.

Hi there,

It could be the permissions on the folder itself that could be causing this, I don’t think the WD TV could be causing this, but try to connect the drive to the Mac and check the permissions. It would also be good to know what Version of Mac OS you are using and how you copied the files to the drive.

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I connected the drive to my Mac, from which I could see the folder, created a new folder, copied over the files, deleted the old folder. The new folder is now visible from the iPhone app.

My memory is not certain, but as I recall I created the original directory when connected to my Mac.