Direct USB to MyCloud file transfer

I read in a previous posting that it might be possible to transfer files directly between a USB storage device and the WD HD - has anything been or being developed in this area?   It would be a very useful feature (like the iOmega Home Media Network Hard Drive) which would avoid having to pass large copy work thru the network computer.

You can copy data to a USB disk, then plug that USB disk into the NAS and then:

  • either use the WD My Cloud desktop or mobile app to move data from the USB share to the other shares. If you go down this path be careful when you select files and folders, and be very patient. The UI on the app might not reflect all the file moves very fast. You might have to exit the app and relaunch it to verify the changes happen.

  • or use SSH commands like cp to copy things around.

Many thanks for the comment but I’m actually referring to a USB HDD directly connected to the WD MyCloud NAS via the drive’s USB port…  The objective is to transfer data directly between the two units without having to use an App Client.

The system works perfectly thru the network via my various devices but it would be nice to release everything up and let the two devices get on with the job “locally”.

At the moment, as a temp solution, I have a small linux server sitting physically next to the NAS which I use SSH commands as you suggested, but it still weighs on the network router.

Don’t think you can do what you are asking

The process previously described is exactly as you are wanting.  The WD app as far as I can see is merely a GUI for the SSH CP command.  Both will copy from USB directly to the Mycloud providing the USB drive is attached to the WD Cloud.

Yes, when you use the WD apps to move files around, you are actually executing operations on the NAS. The data is not coming to your device or PC.

Yes you can do this, but it requires use of connnecting to the Linux bash shell via. SSH.  I can go into detail with you on this if you wish?  I use this back-door methof to transfer files directly to any USB connected storage and and between NASs, especially when performing a time consuming back-up.

What you can do with Linux is to issue it a command to perform, send the job to the background, disconnect the job from the console process so when you end the SSH session then the job(s) you start will continue to run until the end or an error that stops the job.

The good thing is that WD’s processws will set-up and configure the mount point for any USB connected storage and will dismount the drive properly when using the Web UI to dismount the drive.

Backing up between two NAS’s is just slightly more involved, can can be done in three commands.  One to mount a network share on the external server, the other is usually an rsync command to get the other NAS to match-up with the MyCloud and finally one command to dismount the network share.

The selective synchronisation between NASs is the one I do the most.  It’s brillient because it takes about a minute of five to set-up and then I just leave the NAS’s to sort it all out between themselves without involvement of the computer.  With the NAS’s on their own switch, the rest of my network rests.