Direct USB copy



When we attach an USB device and we want to copy some of it’s content to the internal drives of the EX2, does the info goes though the network or does the copy work internally?

I’m trying to make a small copy of just 9GB and it is taking more than 1 hour to do it… I’m using the desktop access under the “network” section of my Mac.

Also, do I have to keep my computer connected or can I shut it down while the copy is being made? Yesterday as I moved away from the wifi connection the time of copy increased a lot, saying 24h to finish the copy.

Thanks for your help!


You can directly connect the USB device to the back side of My Cloud 3.0 USB port and it will directly store data in My Cloud device internally as data always resides in the My Cloud within the device. While internet access is required to access the data from the device.

I would suggest keep ON the My Cloud device only during the USB to NAS data transfer. You can check the USB to NAS backup job progress status from the dashboard of your My Cloud EX2.


Thanks for your answer.

I think I didn’t make myself clear…

I already used the USB port of the EX2 and it works fast if I control everything over the internet, accessing through

I was asking how does it works when I open the finder on my Mac, I choose “locations” and then “My Cloud EX2”. When I do that, I can see all the folders on the EX2 and I can also see the USB device attached to the EX2 and, if I copy from one to the other, it takes an eternity to do anything.

Does it upload everything and then download everything, even if the USB device is directly attached to the EX2?

Thanks, again, for all your help.


Attach the USB device, then ssh into the box.

use [mount] with no options to find out where it was mounted.

then use [rsync -a --progress /mnt/USB/[whereveritwasmounted]/[folder you want to copy]/* /mnt/HD/HD_a2/Someshare/[Place you want to copy to] ]

This will directly do the copy inside the ex2 ultra itself.


To complicated for me, but I’ll study to understand. Thanks anyway!


You could use cp instead, but rsync has resume, and gives progress indications.