Direct Save

Afternoon folks … Sorry if anyone has answered this question before, bit i cant find anything.

Am using the WD MYcloud software to access my cloud storage over the internet. (looks like a browser type) I can edit/modify and save my files no problem once they are stored remotely but I was wondering of there is a way to save files direct to the cloud without using the WDSync (rubbish)

ie: wihout having to save locally and then drag and drop into the “browser”

Thanks in advance !

Have you read the User Manual for your version of My Cloud? Use the link below and scroll down to Technical Specifications and you will see the links for the manuals, version 2 and 4.

Hi, I have read the manual yes. the manual sends me to a URL WDMYCLOUD.COM which does not exist ( so i can see anyway ) so i login to and can see the share etc through the browser but the system does not make a public connection through “This PC” … am i missing something ?

It sounds like you are wanting to map network drives to a remote MyCloud.

Sadly, WD removed this facility with the introduction of the ‘improved’ ‘OS3’ firmware.

Nazar78 has developed an unofficial replacement: