Direct link

Is it possible to create a direct link so that I can embed the image or video in forum or website? Just like what like created in dropbox public folder.


This is how I think it would be.

  1. Leave your NAS on.
  2. Upload the file to a public folder (to where you don’t plan on moving the file).
  3. Do <img src="255.x.x.x/PublicFolder/file.jpg"> (where 255.x.x.x is your external IP address, and the rest is the destination to your file)

However, by doing so, keep in mind that if someone right-clicks the image and chooses “open link in new tab”, the browser URL will display your full external IP address. If that’s a concern to you, then you might not want to do that. (Imgur will work just as effectively.)

Lets see if this works for a picture…

[Picture link removed.]

It does, so here is how I did it using FireFox, there are probably other methods. This assumes the My Cloud has Remote Access enabled.

  1. Uploaded/copied picture to Public Share > Shared Pictures folder on the My Cloud
  2. Using the portal navigate to the Shared Pictures folder and click on the image.
  3. When image appears, right click on image and select Copy Image Location.
  4. Then paste that copied URL of the picture into the embedding tag or code or in the case of this post, just pasted the URL into the editing field.

Unknown if it would work for video. Obviously if trying to embed a video it will depend on the upload speed of the broadband connection the My Cloud is using.

Note: I’ll leave the picture link for a day or so then remove it. Others can post their own examples.

Edit: Seems it doesn’t work now. Strange. Picture was visible until I reloaded the page now its a broken link.

Edit 2: Wait now it seem to work again. Bizarre.


Thanks for your reply. It doesn’t work. It asked for my router login instead of showing the picture

To Bennor,
I tried to post on my site and it was blank. Nothing show up.

Its weird, sometimes the pictures shows sometimes it doesn’t. Probably something to do with encryption used to access the My Cloud to access the photo.

It would be an interesting feature to have though for those who normally use online photo/media hosting sites. Downside is the need to use some type of encryption to avoid the whole world having access to your My Cloud contents/files.