Direct ethernet connection between MyBook World Edition and WIndows computer


I am wanting to connect the hard drive mentioned above with a Windows laptop with a direct ethernet connection (ie without the use of a router). I am able to do this on my Mac with ease (no setting up - just plug the HD into the Ethernet port on the computer and it shows up within minutes), but doing this on Windows is not so simple.

I have tried searching for the drive with the various network utilities in Windows, but not being all that familiar with the OS, I’ve not yet been successful!

I’m sure it’s possible, as I’m fairly certain it’s been done before (albeit not me making it happen). Any advice?

I think it’s Windows 7, but it may be Vista.


That doesn’t always work.  Try restarting the pc to see if the drive shows up in network places.  Also, open Explorer and type in the drive name in the address bar to see if the drive shows up.  You can use a browser also.  Other than that, you will need a router to supply the network drive an IP address so it can be accessed.

i think a crossover ethernet cable would work for you. the ethernet cable that you usually get is a regular one.

my old wd network drive with blue rings worked well with a crossover ethernet cable.

worked for me…didn’t require any setup…was all automatic

I have same question.

Why no replies to this important question??

they want you to buy both network and usb hard drives…:))

i just bought my book today, the first question that i had from wd is the same

can  i use mybook drive without the router or directly with my ethernet port???

Folks, tinsnow answered your question: you need to buy a crossover cable.  Perhaps the ethernet port on a mac is auto-sensing and takes care of this automatically, but for Windows you need a crossover cable.