Direct editing of documents from the MyCloud Home App

Hello WD Community,

unfortunately, with the current MyCloud Home App, it is not possible to edit files directly (e.g. Word, Excel, PDF’s, etc.). Unfortunately, a copy has to be downloaded first, which can be edited in an App (e.g. MS Word, Adobe Acrobat …) and then uploaded again at the MyCloud Home App. This is a very awkward process in everyday use. Other cloud services like Dropbox offer much better solutions here. I ask you to pass on my request to the developers. (Besides me, there are also many other users who have become aware of this problem.)
See here: IOS 11 Files app integration
Possible improvements: - Access the NAS to the iOS filemanager - Connect the NAS/MyCloud Home App directly with the MS Office programs or Adobe Acrobat Reader … - Direct editing of documents from the MyCloud Home app (look how it works in dropbox)