прямое соединение (Direct connection)

Подскажите пожалуйста. Должен-ли быть видимым диск при прямом подключении его к компьютеру, а не через роутер? При подключении на прямую (не через маршрутизатор), у меня комп диск не види

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Google translation:

Tell me please. Should there be a visible-drive when connected directly to a computer and not through a router? If you connect directly (not through a router), I have a computer disk is not visible
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If you are connecting the drive directly to the computer, how are you doing that? Please note that the USB connection on the MBL DUO is not to connect the drive to the computer, it’s just backup or to expand the capacity for the drive.

Now, if is a My Book Live, and you are using the ethernet connection to connect the drive directly to the computer, you should be able see the drive under your network shares.

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What model do you have?