Direct connection without router

Iv recently moved house, i have no internet connection in the room that my pc and smp are located, so basically i want to know if i can directly use a wired connection from my pc to the smp without a router, i have it connected, it shows my media library but when i select a file it says content source removed, so my question is whats the proper way of setting it up this way, ive searched many sites but cant find a proper tutorial, thanks

Get a router. Why in the world would you not want one?

Some internet providers will send you a modem with a router built-in. I prefer a dedicated router and then add a switch if needed.

PC-to-PC connections used to require “Ethernet crossover cables,” but most networking gear does not require these anymore.  Still, it might be something to try.  Switches are pretty cheap these days, however.

Am I correct in assuming that you had the SMP working with this PC over a LAN before you moved, so you know the issue is the network rather than PC or SMP configuration?

i have it working now anyway, thanks