Direct connection without router?


I have searched a lot, but couldn’t find an answer to my question.

Currently my WD TV live and my PC are both connected to my DSL router, and everything works fine. Now I’d like to connect my PC directly to the WD, just by an Ethernet cable, without any router or other network devices between. This does not work, the automatic network config of the WD does not find any network. I run Win7/64. Is it possible to connect a WD and PC directly? If yes, how is the Win7 network set up? If I have to enter the IP address and other settings manually on the WD, where can I find these figures on my Win7 PC? Thanks a lot for your help,


Yes, but it requires a lot of know-how on how to manage the network on both the WDTV and the PC.

As you’ve seen, the Auto Network config isn’t going to work, because your PC isn’t a DHCP server.   That’s the benefit of having it all connected to the same LAN via the switch inside your router.

So the question is, WHY would you want to do this if it’s already working?


the normal connection (for Internet) between my DSL router and my PC goes via WLAN, which is too slow for HD videos, it causes stuttering. The DSL router and the WD TV are far away from each other, so if I have to connect the DSL router between PC and WD, the cable length will be 45 feet. Installing the cable decently in my living room will be a lot of work, and my WD doesn’t need any Internet connection. So a direct connection would be shorter, and I could use a wireway that already exists. I will probably buy a separate and cheap router without DSL function.




you don’t have to buy another router. A direct connection is possible.

I gave the wd box a static ip (like and changed the subnet mask value (

No entries in gateway and dns. This worked fine for me with my win7(32).