Direct connection without connections


I got a mybookworld ethernet edition and i have very large files to transfer from it to my computer. Therefore, is it possible to transfer files directly with cables instead of over the air using my wifi network…  I am currently transfering at 1.67 MB/sec, which will take me 15 hours to transfer all my files…   Maybe we can use USD or Ethernet cable between the drive and my computer to have a faster transfer ?

if this is possible, what could be the procedure ?

Thank you


Plug your computer into your router - that should speed things up signifigantly. You could try plugging the drive into your computers NIC port, but that’s hit-or-miss depending on a lot of factors.

I have tried plugin my cmputer ethernet port to the ethernet port of the MBW but i don’t know how to access the files ?

You would need to map it just like you would when its on your network.

Well, after having restarted the WD and plugged it direct to my computer ethernet port, I try to map it  //mybookworld/public   or even //mybookworld  or  even with its IP address but I got an error message in windows saying  it cannot access the network.  Of course, at this time, I am not connected to the internet since my drive is directly connect to my ethernet port.

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actually believe that you can plug directly the nas to your computer you may need a crossover cable im not sure at 100% if ti will work but try it