Direct Access to My Book World Edition II 2TB Hard Disk

Hi there. I purchased My book world edition II 2TB (white led) recently. First one I purchased worked for few hours and had faulty power unit so changed to new one after a day. note: I am using the hard disk as JBOD for both 1TB. Here is the question for me: - All files that I transferred into My Book World Hard Disks, if the unit breaks down like above situation can you able to read the hard disk from Windows 7 to recover back the files? (direct linking the hard disk to the computer) If it is impossible, could anyone suggest a method please? I hate to lose all the files instantly because of the unit fault like last time. Hope there is a way to solve this problem. Thanks.

The file system for the drives is ext3, you’ll need a computer running Linux to read the files. I will strongly suggest to change the RAID configuration for fault tolerance or get another drive to backup this one.

Thanks Wizer, Having Linux O/S should be the safest way to not to lose all the data in the hard disk. I don’t know much about Linux system but wouldn’t mind learning it. I have reformatted and currently useing RAID 1 to be safe. I have been searching EXT3 reader for Windows 7 and found one called EXT2IFS and EXT2FSD that can read both EXT2 and EXT3. There is a website called Robert Beal and explains how it works under Windows 7 and how to counter UAC and drive assignment. I am still doing more searches on those programs at the moment if anyone knows about them please let us know. Cheers.