Hi Guys

I am having a dilemma.

My movies on the NAS are arranged like this:

x:\Films\Alien (1979)\Alien (1979.iso

My tv series are on the local disk like this

\Continuum\Season 1\S01E01.mkv

Now… my medialibrary is set to the internal disk + the nas.

If I select "maps’ on the fiter, i see the tvshows, then i can select a season and watch an episode.

But then the movies are being displayed as folders without backgroud or xml info

If I select “all” on the filter, i see all the movies with backgrounds and xml info.

But then i also see every episode of any tv show listed, cluttering the movies.

The dilemma is, what to select?

Is the only option to move my movies out of its folders and into one giant heap on the nas??

Hope you guys can help me with this dilemma.

Seems its a common problem this behavior.

I didnt experience it untill now, since i have changed all movie VOB files into iso’s

now they are showing as folders as when they were vob files, they showed as normal movie.