Digital Sound

Can anyone please help me,I have purchased a WD HD Live Media player.

What i would like to do is to to play music through windows media  player on the laptop ( not using a USB storage device and not using the menu on the WD media player) and stream it out to the WD media player in digital form ( via USB or Ethernet ) for the WD media player to then stream out the music digitally ( Via Optical) so my surround sound amplifier can process.

Has any one done this or can it be done at all,as the WD media player menu/platform is no where near as versatile and user freindly as the windows media player menu for searching and playing music.

My key criteria is getting the music to my digital amplifier digitally by just using windows media player ON the laptop.


Welcome to the forums!  :)

What version of Windows are you using on the laptop? 

Windows 7 has a Play To feature that apparently works with the WD TV Live.  Sounds like it would do what you are seeking.