Digital Signage Playback for clips - ISSUE - new firmware

In the new firmware clips can no longer be played back to back in autoplay mode without a orange wait circle appearing between clips and a no audio pop up in the top left corner for each clip.  This was something that had been corrected in older versions of the firmware but has appeared again.  

We have hundreds of these boxes deployed and will keep them in old firmware but hope that WD will make the required changes in future revisions.  Digital signage is a perfect soltuion for these boxes and we can move many of them if the tool works coreectly.


Have you tried resetting the device?

Does this happen with all the files?

It was one of my customers that flagged the issue.  I then used one of my boxes and updated the the most recent firmware to emulate the same issue.  Downgrading to an older Firmware fixes to problem.  In a normal loop of videos we have 10 or so DivX AVI clips playing back to back in a loop.  No on screen text, or issues between clips normally in automatic playback mode.