Digital Audio processing - Who does the job?

Hi everyone, I was reading through the forums and manual of the WD TV Live, but I was unable to find the answer to my question, so I am sorry if it was asked before and I missed the post:

When using the WDTV Live with a TOSLINK digital connection to an amplifier with digital processing capabilities:

Does the WDTV Live does any kind of pre processing (with the sound), or it just sends the raw information to the amp in order for the later to do all the processing work?

My concern here is quality loss. If the WDTV does any kind of pre processing, the signal and quality will reach the amp already modified (most probably degraded), and that will be unfortunate to say the least.

It seems logical to assume that, when using digital data sources (as flac or mkv files) and sending the audio through a digital connection, there should not be any kind of convertion nor processing involved. But I have not confirmed this yet.

Do anyone here have any insights to share on this?

Thanks !!!


darkMage2. I doubt if the WD does anything with the audio. It relies on the amplifier to decode DTS AC3, etc. I am using the optical out of mine to my Onkyo and have no issues.  cj