Digital audio and HDMI

When will digital audio from the digital HDMI connector?

Every time

The HDTV Live makes a great pure digital MP3 player if you use a local USB drive to host the MP3s and a digital AVR to accept the audio feed over HDMI.

However, be aware that if you stream MP3s from an external Media Server over the LAN, then the HDTV Live may terminate the network connection every 30 minutes precisely.  This is a bug in v1.01.24.

There are several who have written about this, here is an example:

Why the Dolby Digital 2.0 ch Stereo sound track is transformed into PCM 2.0 ch sound in Digital out??? I’dont know the logic behind this.!

I’m very focused on using sound playing capabilities so I’ll just tell you how I set it all up.

I’m using the WDTVLive mainly as an improved jukebox. Taking the sound and image information out of the WD box in a practical way where the big concern before I decided to buy. Exact possibilities are often poorly documented…

I ended up with a surprisingly satisfying combination :

* The WDTVLive provides image and sound to an LCD screen through HDMI.

* The screen has a headset audio output (taken from HDMI) which I permanently wired to my wireless headset input.

* Sound is also provided by the WDTVLive on its composite A/V RCA output, which I permanently wired to my HiFi/amplifier external audio input.

All I have to do is power it all on and choose between HiFi or Wireless headset sound play. No plug/unplug…

For an improvement, digital (optical) sound output would of course be better than A/V. But I find it’s great being able to start using the system without need for further technological upgrades and adaptatiors !



A great find indeed and could be part of my problem.  I use the streaming network server hard wired to the network port.  I have noticed that after some play time in a given title, if I stop play then select another title, the new title won’t play at all.  I get the rotating sectored circle which goes on forever–like the unit disconnected for the server which it may have done.

Possibly changing titles makes a request to the media server to spool the other title, could this be triggering the disconnection related to the latest firmware you reported? 

What happens when HDTV live disconnects, does it reconnect automatically or is it necessary to reboot it? Both of these issues are the main problems I am having. 

I noticed also that while the streaming server is running, I am not able to get in internet feeds for streaming music which does not require the streaming server to be running.  This is also annoying in that it may be necessary to stop the streaming server to listed to internet radio.  Do you have any input on this?

How could I go back to the previous firmware revision? 

Much thanks for this valuable tip!